Final Pictures


This picture shows a daisy growing from the asphalt near the sewer drain. It ties in to the next picture like with how it starts from the ground than goes up the fence, and also because it seems as if the tiny flower suddenly grew.


I’m not sure what kind of tree this is but it looked really nice in contrast to the bright red fence it was climbing and it broke through from the asphalt with seemingly no problem. The forgotten dog leash was also an interesting detail and was positioned right in the middle which made for a good composition. It came out underexposed so I manipulated the exposure, contrast, perspective and such in Photoshop. The idea is that the right side continues into the next picture where it follows along the shape of the brick fence.


I chose this picture because of the way the plant followed the indents in the bricks and had nice and even leaves which contrasted to the fence. It’s related to the theme because of the way it follows the fence and grows out of it. This one had a subtle HDR technique to it to bring out the textures and colours. It continues into the next picture by growing upwards which eventually reaches the top.


This was taken atop the bridge. I liked how the bright green leaves on a clear blue sky contrasted with the grey stone and how it divided the frame evenly. It’s thematically connected to the project because it adapted to climb to the top of the bridge to get better access to sunlight and water. The moss growing on it also added to the effect and theme of the picture. It had levels adjusted to bring out the texture and colour. It’s connected to the next picture with the idea that the leaves start growing downwards again.


I really like the composition on this one because of the way it evenly frames the path and the trees in the distance which do the same, making it seem like a tunnel created from nature. This one shows how nature is forced to adapt to manmade actions the most because of the way the  shrub was cut to allow the path to go through it. I only adjusted the levels a bit on this one. It ties in to the last picture because when following the previous downwards path it leads back to the ground where it all started.


These bright flowers were growing from the asphalt and thorough the wooden fence along with other plants. There were a lot of them so it seems like they adapted quite well to the impractical environment and obstacles in their way. This is the second picture where the HDR technique was applied. It borught out the details of the flowers and the fence behind it.

Mounted photos





Most of these ideas were dropped because they were too common, hard to create or were more of a technique. In the end I chose how nature adapts to manmade creations because  it seemed like a good opportunity to explore the town and find some interesting ways the nature adjusts to us.


Continuations of idea development.


Ideas of what I might look for in the terms of how nature adapts.


One of the ideas I considered was taking photos of how certain substances react with water or another substance.


Ink in water shots by Alberto Seveso




Another was how reflections of something differs from how it looks in reality.





Man vs Nature photography by Wouter Stelwagen

Wouter Stelwagen is an Amsterdam based photographer who often depicts manmade structures surrounded by and within nature.


Stealwagen’s photography is similar to what I’ve been planning to do. While he concentrated mainly on nature surrounding buildings, I focused on how specific plants adapted to man made objects and our influence on them. I like the symmetry in his pictures.

Rune Guneriussen

Is an artist working in the transition between installation and photography. As a conceptual artist he works site specific, primarily in nature.


I like how he managed to make everyday objects fit into nature as if they belong there. it’s a rather creative idea and has a lot of effort put into it.

Nature Takes Over by Amanda Hatfield

Her photography is most similar with what I’m doing – showing how nature adapts to man made objects and grows with them.