Man vs Nature photography by Wouter Stelwagen

Wouter Stelwagen is an Amsterdam based photographer who often depicts manmade structures surrounded by and within nature.


Stealwagen’s photography is similar to what I’ve been planning to do. While he concentrated mainly on nature surrounding buildings, I focused on how specific plants adapted to man made objects and our influence on them. I like the symmetry in his pictures.

Rune Guneriussen

Is an artist working in the transition between installation and photography. As a conceptual artist he works site specific, primarily in nature.


I like how he managed to make everyday objects fit into nature as if they belong there. it’s a rather creative idea and has a lot of effort put into it.

Nature Takes Over by Amanda Hatfield

Her photography is most similar with what I’m doing – showing how nature adapts to man made objects and grows with them.




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